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When dealing with family law concerns, it is not uncommon to feel frustrated, angry or upset. Emotions may be running high, and many people in these situations do not know where to turn or who to trust. Families and individuals seeking legal assistance in Houston, Texas can turn to the dedicated and highly professional Oxner Legha, PLLC. We provide outstanding legal representation to our clients, we stand ready to assist you in your time of need. It is clear to see that, when you are faced with a serious family law concern, working with the Oxner Legha, PLLC can greatly benefit your case. 


We can assist you with any of the following family law issues: 

+ Child Custody and Support 

+ Divorce

+ Enforcements

+ Modifications

+ Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements

+ Protective Orders

+ Mediations

What is a standard possession order?

What is the quickest I can get Divorced in Texas?

What law firms in Cypress do divorces?

The Oxner Legha Law Firm has handled a number of divorces ranging from very complicated and contested to agreed divorces.

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Can my spouse and I agree on everything for a divorce?

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Can I sleep with someone else when I am separated from my husband?

Can I sleep with someone else when I am separated from my wife?

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How long do I have to pay child support?

How do I pay child support?

Do I have to pay child support when my kid turns 18?

Do I have to pay my child's university or college tuition?

How much does it cost to get divorced when there are children?

Is it cheaper to get divorced if there are no children?

Does my spouse still inherit from me after we get divorced?


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