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At Oxner Legha Law Firm, we understand that our community has varying legal needs. With the diverse services we offer, we are able to give our clients the personalized and committed representation that they need to reach a positive outcome. Based in Cypress, Texas, our firm routinely assists individuals with their legal challenges.

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Character And Commitment

When an individual turns to the services of a legal professional, they are seeking knowledgeable guidance during an uncertain time. While our firm is small in size, we feature considerable experience in a number of legal areas, and we utilize a vast network of resources on behalf of our clients. By employing an accessible and personalized approach, we are able to craft legal strategies that are tailored to the best interests of our clients.

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To schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys, please call 346-327-9500 today. We are prepared to meet with you and discuss the best pathway forward for you.

Legal Services For The Modern World

Our firm recognizes that our clients often have an array of different needs. We offer representation in family law, business law, estate planning, bankruptcy and personal injury matters. Our firm also boasts seasoned litigators who will not hesitate to do what is necessary to position our clients for success.
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