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Will Codicil Information

What is a Will Codicil?

A Will Codicil is commonly referred to as an amendment to a Will.  A Will Codicil is generally used or drafted when there are minor changes in a Will and the testator (the individual who the will is prepared for) does not want to redo the entire Will


What are the Requirements of a Will Codicil?

The requirements of a Will Codicil are the same of that of a Will.  It can either be handwritten (Holographic Will) or machine typed, which needs to be signed by the testator and witnessed by two individuals who are not listed in the Will.  

When is a Will Codicil appropriate?

Generally, people will do a Will Codicil when they want to change the listed executor / executrix because they have either passed away or circumstances have changed and they now want to list another individual.  But a Will Codicil can be done for any reason at all so long as it is valid. 

How are Will Codicils and Wills interpreted?

A Will Codicil is read where there are any conflicting paragraphs, the Will Codicil will govern as it is the most recent document, and then everything else in the Will stays the same. The two documents are read together to essentially merge into one document.  

What does the Oxner Legha Law Firm do for Will Codicils?

When we draft and execute a Will Codicil, we will provide the two witnesses in our office and also a notary.  A notary is necessary to have the two witnesses swear to certain facts so as to eliminate the need for one of the witnesses to appear in court to the validity of the testator's signature.  While a notary is not needed to make the Will Codicil valid, it again, does help in not having to track down one of the witnesses.  When a Will Codicil is properly witnessed and attested to before a notary, it is called "self-proved."

What is needed for a Will Codicil?
Nothing.  We will sit down with you and learn what you want then tell you what information is needed. Generally we do not need much information and very rarely do we need any documents from you.

How do I get started on a Will Codicil?

If you need a Will or a Will Codicil drafted and signed by licensed professionals who can guide you through the steps, contact us at the Oxner Legha Law Firm by either sending us an e-mail or giving us a call

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