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Power of Attorney

What is a Statutory Power of Attorney?

Statutory Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows another person to act for you while you are living. You are considered the principal, while the person you list to act on your behalf is called the agent.

When is a Power of Attorney Effective?

Immediately or in the future.  You can decide if the Power of Attorney document becomes effective when you are unable to make your own decisions (incapacitated) or at a specific date that you choose.  You may also decide how long the Power of Attorney document is effective for.  The Power of Attorney Document that we draft also lists out specific areas that the Agent may act on your behalf.  You can limit what your Agent is authorized to do on your behalf.

What do I need to get a Power of Attorney Document?

Nothing.  We can draft the document immediately in our office. So long as you have the name, phone number, and address of the person you want to serve as your Power of Attorney, we can get it done.

Can I limit how long the Statutory Power of Attorney is valid for?

Yes.  We can insert a specific time frame as to how long or when the power of attorney document is valid for listing the agent.  

Can I list more than one agent in my power of attorney?

Yes.  We can list several people to serve as your agent.  We can also decide if any of the agents can act independently, need a majority of signatures, or unanimous votes/signatures for someone to act on your behalf.

How long is a power attorney good for?

Forever.  The power for attorney document is good for forever unless otherwise indicated within the document. 

Does the Oxner Legha Law Firm draft power of attorney documents?

Yes. We draft power of attorney documents along with a lot of other estate documents.  We can draft just that one document for you or the entire estate package. 

How do I get started on getting a power of attorney done?

Decide who you want to serve as your agent if you are unable to act on your own.  If you are uncertain as to who you should pick, we can discuss that with you to help in picking the right person. 

How do I get started?

Call the Oxner Legha Law Firm at 346-327-9500 to setup a consultation.  If you only need a Power of Attorney document we will not charge you other than the consultation fee.