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Does the Oxner Legha Law Firm litigate cases?

Yes.  The attorneys and staff at Oxner Legha Law Firm have extensive experience with litigating both small and large cases. We have worked with first party insurance cases where there insured is having a hard time getting what is rightfully owed to them.  We have also worked cases involving large vehicle and truck accidents that included multiple plaintiffs and defendants in front of a jury.  We have argued before the court on contested family law hearings, fighting for the rights of parent.  That being said, oftentimes cases are resolved without the need of heading to trial, we are no strangers to the courtroom nor are we afraid to fight for your rights in your case. 

What types of cases has the Law Firm litigated or gone to trial?

A wide variety.  We have litigated trespass to chattel claims, landlord tenant claims, and family law cases involving child custody disputes.  Attorney Jason Oxner has been appointed on many tax foreclosures to provide background research on the status of homeowners and written dozens and dozens of affidavits for the court's records at the request of the judges.  Attorney Jason Oxner has also fought in consumer rights cases where an individual or couple have purchased a vehicle, RV, builder, car restoration, or other good or service where they have been deceived. These cases are known as Deceptive Trade Practice Act cases, or consumer rights cases, where we seek to assert our client's rights under the Texas DTPA.  We have also litigated in a week long jury case involving multi-million dollar commercial vehicle accidents.  We generally find ourselves mediating many of our cases either by choice or request of the court.  It is important to speak with an attorney about selecting a competent and knowledge mediator. 

Litigation areas we practice

Where does the Oxner Legha Law Firm litigate its cases?

All over Texas.  Generally, we are found in Harris County, Fort Bend, Montgomery County, and Waller County.  The bulk of our cases are in Houston at the Harris County Civil Courthouse.  We have driven over to Fort Bend and represented clients at contested hearings and gotten to know the staff at that nice courthouse.  And we are equally close to Waller County and the courthouse there in Hempstead.  Fortunately, with the Oxner Legha Law Firm being conveniently located off of 290 between beltway 8 and Highway 99, we are never far from a courthouse and can easily get to the four surrounding counties.  We have also gone to Victoria County, College Station, Wharton County, and others to name a few.  

Does the Oxner Legha Law Firm have mediation experience?

Yes.  Fortunately, the attorneys and staff at the Oxner Legha Law Firm are familiar with many of the licensed mediators in and around Harris county and other surrounding counties.  We are no strangers to mediation and find ourselves more often in mediation than we do in court.  Many judges and local court rules now require mediation prior to trial.  Therefore, we have become accustomed to many of the mediators in our practice areas and how to best approach mediation.  If mediation does not ultimately resolve the issue, then we can proceed to trial.  

Does the Law Firm handle Insurance cases and storm cases?

Yes.  We have handled many insurance cases and are well versed in fighting for our clients.  Insurance companies are in the business of collecting money, not giving out money on claims.  If you have been denied insurance coverage, it may be worth your time to speak with one of the licensed attorneys near you in Cypress or over the phone to see if you are being lied to or not.  From our experience, insurance companies are very quick to deny claims when the insured has a right to money.  This is especially true after Hurricane Harvey and Imelda.  

Do we charge for Insurance cases?

No.  If you have a first party insurance claim, where your insurance company is refusing to pay or cover the claim, we will seek to get you money under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act.  So long as your claim was denied less than two years ago, then we will be able to file. The statute of limitations is two years for DTPA cases.  If it has been less than two years since you have been denied for repair of your roof, your home, your fence, your yard, or any other property damaged by flood, hail, storm, or any other weather event, give us a call so that we can learn about what happened and evaluate whether or not you have a case.  

What if my insurance company has said they do not cover the claim I submitted?

That does not matter. Let us decide if they should have legally denied the claim or not.  We will sit down with you either in person or over the phone, learn what happened, and then decide if you potentially have a case or not.  Even if the insurance company outright denied the claim, does not mean that they are right and you cannot get paid for the damage.  This is what we do. We sue insurance companies who wrongfully denied a claim.

What if the insurance company accepted the claim but is not paying out enough money?

This is very common.  Insurance companies will try and pay as little as possible.  We will evaluate your case and insurance policy and seek to get you the money that is rightfully owed to you. While we cannot guarantee results, we can give you our honest opinion on whether or not you have a potential case and the path to get you a potential settlement.   Even if the insurance company is saying that they will only cover up to a certain amount, we will fight back to try and get you what you deserve.

What are some common reasons insurance companies deny claims?

We often hear through our clients that insurance companies will wrongfully deny claims because the roof was installed incorrectly, or only a portion of the roof was damaged, or the cost to fix the roof is less than the deductible.  These are common reasons insurance companies will state to get out of paying on claims.  Do not let it stop there.  Contact us to see if you are being told the truth or not.  


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