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Letters of Administration

What are Letters of Administration?

Letters of Administration are court issued documents that list the individual appointed to act on behalf of someone's estate -- the person who has died.

Are Letters of Administration the Same as Letters Testamentary?

Letters of Administration are the same as Letters of Testamentary except Letters of Administration are when there is no will or the administrator is not listed in the will as an executor. See below.

Letters of Administration are court issued documents similar to a power of attorney where:

1. When there is a Will

When there is a will and the listed executor in a will is unwilling or unable to serve and someone not listed as an executor in the will volunteers to administer the estate upon being authorized and sworn by the court and having taken an oath, is then given these letters authorizing them to act on behalf of the estate -- the person who has died. Upon being appointed by the court, the administrator/administratrix is then issued Letters of Administration


2. When there is not a will

When there is a not a valid will, then it is known as an intestate administration and the individual who volunteers to administrator/administatrix the estate, known as the administrator, is then appointed, they are given Letters of Administration.

How do I get Letters of Administration?

To obtain Letters of Administration, you need to retain a lawyer or law firm to represent you through the probate of the estate. Your attorney will file an application for administration and issuance Letters of Administration with a probate court and then set a hearing to have you appointed as administrator/administatrix.  

Once you are appointed administrator/administatrix, you are then given Letters of Administration.


How Many Letters of Administration do I get?

We generally order ten Letters of Administration and they are ready when you are appointed as administrator/administatrix. We can order more before the hearing or we can order more if you run out or misplace the Letters of Administration. The court currently charges $2.00 per copy of a Letters of Administration.

What is the process to get Letters of Administration?

If you need to probate an estate and would like to learn more as to what you need to do get Letters of Administration, contact us at the Oxner Legha Law Firm by either sending us an e-mail or giving us a call.

How Much do Letters of Administration Cost?

$2.00.  Each letter costs two dollars. We generally order ten letters.  But we can order more or less depending on how many you think you will need. 


What happens if I run out of Letters Administration?

We can simply order more from the court.  They are $2.00 per letter.  

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