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Elder Law

Knowing Elder Law is Very Important Today

Elder Law is a growing and very important part of the law and one we are familiar with.  With an aging population, it is important to have documents and plans in place before you or a loved one cannot make decisions on your own. 


What to do to prepare for elderly couples

Many consider Wills and Trusts to be the most vital and important document to have prepared for their future.  While this is true, we also consider it incredibly important to consider documents and instruments for those to use and execute while they are living.


What types of Documents do we recommend?

These documents include Directive to Physician, Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Living Wills, Transfer on Death Deeds, Declaration of Guardian, Declaration of Guardian for a Minor, Revocable Transfer on Death Deed, Transfer on Death for a Vehicle, setting up beneficiary accounts, and many more documents. 


Drafting the right documents can save people money

Drafting the proper documents, if done correctly can avoid significant costs in the future and issues with helping a loved one when they are unable to help themselves and roadblocks are encountered where an institution or organization refuses to speak to someone because they do not have the proper directions indicating who is to care for an individual. 


Avoid Probate with the right documents

These documents are also important to assist in avoiding probate.  With the recent changes in the Texas Estates Code, there are many cost effective ways to avoid probate and the courts.  We can assist with this process.  We offer advanced Estate Planning and also simple estate planning. 


We have handled all sorts of cases

We have handled large and small estates with the same care and individual attention.  When you retain our firm, you are assigned an attorney and a paralegal to have direct contact so that your questions do not go unanswered.  


12300 Dundee Ct #116
Cypress, TX 77429
Tel: (346) 327-9500
Fax: (346) 246-4660

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