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Directive to Physician

What is a Directive to Physician?

Directive to Physician or otherwise known as Advance Directive, is a legal document where You list out, in general terms, whether you would like to receive life-sustaining treatment in certain scenarios, which is governed under the Texas Health and Safety Code rather than the Texas Estates Code. 

What is in a Directive to Physician document?

Directive to Physician / Advance Directive is designed to help you detail your desires about medical treatment when you are unable to state them on your own.  This is an often difficult document for clients to discuss as you are making a very real decision about whether or not you wish to receive life sustaining treatment as a very delicate time in your life.  But just as difficult it may be to make this decision on your own, imagine how much harder it will be on your family and loved ones to make that decision for you. 

When should I get a Directive to Physician document done?

Now.  We recommend that an individual make and execute a Directive to Physician themselves, which we can assist with during your estate planning consultation and with working with our staff.  A Directive to Physician should not be confused with a DNR document or a Medical Power of Attorney document.

What do I need to get a Directive to Physician Document Done?

Nothing.  We can draft the document immediately in our office. We can get it done.

How do I prevent from being placed on life support if I am brain dead?

We suggest outlining your wishes relating to life support in a Directive to Physicain Document.

How do I get started on a Directive to Physician?

Call the Oxner Legha Law Firm at 346-327-9500 to setup a consultation.  If you only need a Directive to Physician document we will not charge you other than the consultation fee.

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