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Select the Right Law Firm to help with your debt

When a  person or family is in debt it can be very stressful and difficult.  It can be all too easy to think the debt will go away or put it off until another time.  Unfortunately, the debts rarely if ever go away.  The sooner you get in touch with an attorney the better.  We have handled a lot of debt defense and can assist you with your case.  We can also do our best to ease the stress and explain to you the options that are available.  Do contact us to setup a consultation. 

We are an experienced law firm that deals with debts

We have worked with a lot of debt collectors and each one takes a different approach.  Some are very aggressive and others are willing to work with us.  No matter who we are dealing with, we are professional and fight for our clients.  Debt collectors are governed by the Fair Debt Collection Act, which is actionable under the Texas Deceptive Trades Practices Act.  If a debt collector is harassing you or others connected to you, that may be actionable under the DTPA.  Debt collectors generally do not tell you what your rights are.  We have dealt with debts that were too old to be collected but our clients were never told that until they met with us. 


We can take the stress and anxiety away and assist with the debts.  


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12300 Dundee Ct #116

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Tel:  346-327-9500

Fax: 346-246-4660

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