Business Law

What services do we offer?

Business Formation, Contract Review, Contract Drafting, Business Outside Counsel, and much more.

If you are a new business, we offer a new business package where you will sit down with an attorney and learn the “dos and don’ts” of owning a business. Whether you have been in business for years or are just starting out, we offer the same package. You will work with an attorney to make sure you are setup to succeed. Because the more you succeed, the more we succeed as well. We also represent all sizes and types of businesses, whether they are old or new.

We can file your LLC for your new business

We will file your business with the Texas Secretary of State and cover the filing fees. We charge a flat fee of $800.

If you are a DBA or another type of entity, we can also convert your business to an LLC or S Corp.

We start companies, we represent companies in litigation and we buy/sell companies

We help a lot of businesses from the very start and formation to the very end of closing it down or selling to another company or person. Between the start and the end of the business, we offer a lot of services to our clients, which include defending them in cases or protecting their rights to collect money. We also assist with the drafting of contracts and services agreements. We generally offer flat rates on those agreements so that you know exactly how much you are going to pay.

We have negotiated and drafted agreements to sell pet stores, gyms, gas stations, commercial real estate and many more.

Our firm offers services tailored to the needs of your business

It is incredibly important to speak with an attorney to know what your business needs are. We firmly believe that legal bills should not be a major portion of what you budget for business expenses. Because of that, we do not try and sell you a lot of things you do not need. We sit down with business owners and decide what is the best and most important structure and documentation to fit the business at its current or projected state.

Does Oxner Legha Law Firm represent businesses at trial?

Yes. We are a transnational law firm and a trial law firm. We have represented businesses in a wide variety of matters in court. We have appeared in cases as far as Midland, Texas, to small claims suits in Cypress, to larger cases involving multiple parties in Harris County District Court. We have also litigated contract breaches. We are a full-service law firm for your business.

We offer on retainer and in-house counsel services

If you need an attorney to serve as your direct outside counsel, we can discuss that with you. We have served as in-house counsel to companies and hospitals. We can set up an arrangement where we are only a phone call away if any legal issue pops up. Do not have your staff or yourself google or search for the right answer. We can answer it quickly. Think of the time and money you will spend trying to find the right answer, which may not be the right one. There are many things to consider. We have served as outside counsel to companies that call us with any type of legal issue they have. We can discuss hours and rates when it comes to serving your company.

Oxner Legha Law Firm can help your business grow

We like to grow with companies as they grow. Therefore, we work with businesses to provide upfront costs and advice on how to best proceed. Another advantage to seeking the advice of one of the attorneys at the Oxner Legha Law Firm is that because we work with so many businesses, large and small, we have a wealth of knowledge as to what works and what does not. Our firm is very fortunate in that we can assist companies based on the collective knowledge that has been brought to us by our business clients.

We help small businesses and large businesses

Whether you are thinking about starting a small company, you’ve been in business for a really long time, or you are a very large company, we can assist you. We have helped people start small companies and get everything lined up. Then, we have helped large companies restructure and evaluate their legal protections. We know business law and we can help your business. Our goal is to make it a wise business decision to use our services. As business owners ourselves and coming from entrepreneurial backgrounds, we are keenly aware of the financial restrictions on where you need to spend your money. Do not think you can put off speaking to a law firm about your business. It may be too late someday. Come and meet with us before you need to meet with us and you have a real problem and your business is being sued. We will try and structure a plan for your business at a reasonable and affordable price. We do not want to be a major cost for your business – that does not work for you or us.

We want to grow with your company

We want to grow with your company, so we will work with you on our fees and let you know what needs to be done now, what can wait, and what we can do to plan for the future as your company grows. We are a Cypress law firm that wants to grow with Cypress. We want to be near our business owners. We often like to visit our business owners at their business location to learn more about their company and also evaluate what legal needs must be addressed in the near future. So contact us so we can learn more about your company and you can learn about what services we offer – many of which are done on flat rates so that you know exactly what you are paying for and can plan. We often do not bill by the hour for agreements and contracts.

We are an affordable law firm that is conscious about pricing

We offer affordable small and large business document drafting for a flat fee that is disclosed to and agreed to before we get started. We do not like to surprise our clients with outrageous bills. Business owners like to know what they are paying for and budget for that expense. That is why we evaluate what is absolutely needed and then tell you exactly what it is going to cost. No need to review itemized bills and invoices. It is a straight line item where we are not going to charge you more than we quoted.

We draft the following documents and much more:

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