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What is an Appointment for Disposition of Remains?

An Appoint for Disposition of Remains is a legal document that allows You to appoint an individual to act (control) or facilitate your funeral arrangement and body upon your passing.  Unfortunately, there can be disputes among family members when a loved one passes as to who is going to be in charge.  This form eliminates that dispute.  The form reads, "...upon my death, the disposition of my remains shall be controlled by _________ ...".  We are also able to list successors (backups) to the individual you list as your first choice.  

What do I need to get An Appoint for Disposition of Remains?

Nothing.  We can draft the document immediately in our office. So long as you have the name, phone number, and address of the person you want to list, we can get it done.

How do I get started setting up a Document for Appointing Disposition of Remains?

Call the Oxner Legha Law Firm at 346-327-9500 to setup a consultation.